Star Vie Aquila Space 2021

Dive deep into the review of Star Vie Aquila Space 2021 Padel Racket. Discover its features, technology, and performance.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.2




350 - 385 gr




EVA Soft


Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Star Vie Aquila Space 2021

In the world of padel, there are few things as impactful as the selection of a quality racket. Today, we examine the Star Vie Aquila Space 2021 racket, which has garnered significant attention in recent times. Selected for its unique blend of control, power, and overall balanced gameplay, this racket is ideal for the discerning player.


Shape and Balance

Sporting a trending tear shape, the Star Vie Aquila Space 2021 exhibits excellent dose of power while not skimping on control. This top-heavy balance allows for an emphasis on attack without losing sight of defensive capabilities.


In the realm of grip, the Star Vie Aquila Space 2021 shines through. The handle is comfortable to hold, making an excellent companion for extended periods of gameplay without discomfort.

Power and Control


Exceptional in its power capabilities, this Star Vie racket allows for formidable smash shots. Its power may intimidate you on your first few trials, but with time, the racket will become an extension of your arm.


In addition to its power, this racket demonstrates a remarkable level of control. The Aquila Space provides excellent shot precision, making it possible to place the ball right where you want it.

Comfort and Speed

A distinguishing factor for the Star Vie Aquila Space 2021 is its ease of use. Its medium-soft feel ensures a comfortable experience, even in lengthy matches. Furthermore, the racket answers promptly to the shifts in tempo that are often required in competitions.

Material and Durability

Constructed with carbon fibre frame and faces, the Star Vie Aquila Space 2021 promises durability without compromising on performance. The internal EVA soft core adds to the racket's longevity while providing a great rebound effect.


In conclusion, the Star Vie Aquila Space 2021 stands as a powerful ally on the padel court. Its conjunction of power and control, coupled with its comfort and durability, make it an attractive option for anyone searching for a high-performance padel racket.

Like every other investment, it’s crucial to decide if the characteristics of this racket align with your specific needs and playing style. But overall, if you're looking to make a significant upgrade, the Star Vie Aquila Space 2021 is an option you'll want to seriously consider. Happy playing!

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