Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite 2021

Review of the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite 2021 Padel Racket - Tear shaped with medium feel for perfect play!

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot7.3




370 gr




Power FOAM


Graphene 360


Graphene 360


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Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite 2021

The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite 2021 is a prime example of the beauty and function that Head's racket designs offer. It's a perfect ally for any player aiming to enhance both performance and strategy in the padel court.


Shape and Balance

Just by looking into the tear shape of the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite, it's clear that it caters to players aiming for a balance between power and control. This type of shape allows for the point of impact to be located in the upper part of the racket, favoring aggressive hits while maintaining the stability that's needed for defensive moves.


The balance of the racket is influenced by its shape and strategically designed materials. It offers a perfect equilibrium, which is ideal for those who need control and precision.


The grip on this racket is well-constructed; it didn't slip during multiple swings and vigorous play, thus assuring a better grip and reducing potential mishits.

Power and Control

The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite fall perfectly into the medium category when it comes to power and control. It delivers a balanced performance, helping you deliver powerful shots while ensuring you have the control to place the ball exactly where your opponent isn't expecting.


Its proficiency lies in its Graphene 360 materials that empower your offence, enabling you with a higher shot velocity.


The control the racket offers garners quite an appreciation, the structure of the racket gives a steady command over all your shots. It gives you the opportunity to play your unique style and strategy on the court without compromise.

Comfort and Speed

The design of the racket lends itself to comfort. The medium level feel and the reliable grip make it easier to play for extended periods without losing speed or accuracy.

Materials and Durability

The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite is constructed entirely with Graphene 360 material both for its frame and faces, and Power FOAM core. This material is known to withstand tough hits and harsh conditions, promising to handle wear and tear with grace.


If you're looking for a racket that's can help amplify your skills in the court, the Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite is a worthwhile consideration. It's a well-rounded racket, offering a balance of power and control, with the added bonus of durability and comfort.

However, remember to consider the racket's tear shape and balance. The Head Graphene 360 Alpha Elite is designed with strategic players in mind – those who seek the upper hand not just through sheer power, but also through precise placement and control. But if these features align with your game play, then this racket might be the missing piece to master your performance in the game of padel.

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