Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K

Review of the 2022 Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K padel racket, made with high quality materials for all players

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




355 - 375 gr






12K Carbon, Fiberglass


Bitubular Carbon

Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K

With an innovative design and high-quality materials, the Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K stands out as a top-choice for padel enthusiasts. Encapsulating the best attributes of Siux, a brand known for its luxury products, this racket is designed to provide an enhanced gaming experience.


Shape and Balance

The Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K boasts a tear-shape which contributes significantly to its outstanding balance of power and control. The remarkable distribution of weight across the racket promotes a stable swing, paving the way for accurate shots.



Nothing less than a snug fit is expected when it comes to the grip size of the Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K. It provides optimal comfort for the hands and excellent control during intensive games, ensuring sustained playability.


Frame and Faces

Crafted intricately with a bitubular carbon frame and 12K Carbon and Fiberglass faces, the Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K lives up to its reputation for durability.


The EVA Soft EHR core of this racket is a significant component elevating its performance. It adds a touch of elasticity that supports rebound and enhances the overall shot execution power.

Power and Control

Power and control are the winning factors that make the Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K shine. It's an exceptional asset for players who desire both speed and shot precision. Whether it's an intense attacking play or a crucial defensive move, this racket sure delivers on all fronts.

Comfort and Speed

With an ergonomic grip, carrying the Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K throughout long matches will leave you feeling comfortable and confident. Its balance also aids in quick response, bringing together a perfect blend of speed and agility.

Material and Durability

Known for its strength, the Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K is constructed with durable materials. The build guarantees resistance against wear and tear, ensuring longevity, even during the most vigorous and regular play.


The Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K makes a strong case for being the go-to racket for those aiming for an edge in their game. It combines high-density power and control, comfort during prolonged matches, and durability in its construction.

Yet, it is essential to ensure this racket’s exceptional quality and design are the right match for your gaming style and ability. For individuals poised to step up their game in the world of padel, the Siux Pegasus Revolution 12K promises to be an outstanding partner on the court.

Choosing the right racket will undoubtedly boost your performance on the court. Make sure to evaluate all the aspects discussed before making your final decision and prepare to venture into the enthralling world of padel with your best foot forward!

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