Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K

Explore the 2022 Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K padel racket. Mid feel, tear-shaped, and made with quality materials like Carbono 3K.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




355 - 375 gr






3K Carbon, Fiberglass


Bitubular Carbon

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Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K

Diving into the world of padel, we come across a vast variety of rackets with unique features and functionalities. Today, I'm here decoding the attributes of the Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K for you. It is a perfect blend of power and control suited impeccably for your match requirements.


Shape and Balance

The tear-shaped Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K grants it a charming blend of power and control. The unique shape translates into a larger sweet spot and ensures exceptional playability on the court.

Balanced Feel

This racket has a medium feel, providing an excellent blend of control and power. The equilibrium of these attributes allows for heightened accuracy in shots, making it an ideal choice for both offensive and defensive play.

Power and Control

The Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K excels in the aspects of power and control. The advanced features and specifications of the racket offer a key advantage for you in both attack and defence, enhancing every aspect of your game.


A standout point in our sessions was the snug and satisfying grip size it offers. Accommodating both comfort and control, it makes for an excellent racket, particularly during lengthy matches.

Material and Durability

A versatile combination of materials notably underscores the Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K. The bi-tubular carbon frame ensures robustness and longevity whilst the faces of 3K Carbon and Fiberglass promise a smooth playing surface.

Core Build

The core of the Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K is composed of EVA Soft EHR, a soft, resilient, and durable foam. It amplifies the racket's performance and endurance, ensuring it stands up to intense play and retains its quality over time.


In conclusion, the Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K is an excellent pick for players seeking an upgrade in their padel game. Its potent blend of power, control, and comfortable grip, backed by durable construction, makes it a reliable fit for the padel court. Since individual needs vary, it's essential to consider whether this racket's features align with your playing style. The Siux Pegasus Revolution 3K might be the catalyst you need to elevate your performance on the court, and personally, I believe it’s worth a shot. Remember, choosing the right padel racket can significantly impact your gameplay, so choose wisely.

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