Siux SG Black Limited Edition

Experience unmatched power & control with Siux SG Black Limited Edition 2022 Padel Racket. Medium-Soft feel for unmatched game play.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




355 - 375 gr




Medium Black EVA


12K Carbon


100% Carbon

Siux SG Black Limited Edition

In the thrilling world of padel, the racket you wield can be a game-changer. In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at the Siux SG Black Limited Edition racket, specially crafted for power and control, whilst still offering a comfortable gaming experience.


Famed for its technological advances and user-friendly design, the Siux SG Black Limited Edition is a remarkable amalgamation of style and function. Suitable for players across various skill levels, this racket offers a plethora of features that elevate its performance on the court.

Shape and Balance

Taking on a distinct tear shape, the Siux SG Black Limited Edition demands attention with its seamless fusion of power and control. The evenly distributed balance throughout the racket provides substantial stability, allowing for precision in every swing.


One of the standout features during our testing sessions was undoubtedly the comfortable size of the grip. The grip nestles in the hand appropriately, offering comfort and masterful control, essential for long and demanding matches, while enhancing the playability during extended sessions.

Power and Control

When it comes to power and control, the Siux SG Black Limited Edition doesn't disappoint. Boasting an outstanding balance between control and power, this premium racket amplifies your competitive edge, providing an upper hand in both offensive and defensive plays.

Comfort and Speed

Moving to comfort, the Siux SG Black Limited Edition triumphs. With its proficiently crafted design, combined with an ergonomic grip, it ensures comfort, even over extended periods of gameplay. Moreover, the racket's evenly dispersed balance fosters quick response, creating a perfect blend of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

One remarkable asset of the Siux SG Black Limited Edition is the 100% carbon frame showcasing exceptional durability. The top-tier material ensures resistance to wear and tear, promising longevity even with intense gameplay. The 12K carbon faces encase a core of medium-soft Black EVA, promoting a perfect combo of resilience and cushioning for an enjoyable play.


Concluding our review, the Siux SG Black Limited Edition is an exceptional choice for padel players seeking to intensify their gaming experience. Its compelling harmony of power, control, comfort, and noteworthy durability, labels it as a trustworthy ally on the padel court.

However, remember, the ideal racket is supposed to match your specific needs. As promising as the Siux SG Black Limited Edition may seem, it's imperative to consider whether its features suit your gameplay. But for players aspiring to invest in their growth in the exciting realm of padel, this racket is a phenomenal choice that's unlikely to disappoint.

Remember, the right racket can hugely enhance your performance on the field. So, ponder upon these factors cautiously before concluding. Here's to your victorious journey in the thrilling domain of padel!

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