Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021

Explore Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021 - top-quality padel racket made from Carbon Fiber frame, Fiberglass faces & EVA Soft Core. Perfect round shape for medium-soft feel.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.5




350 - 385 gr




EVA Soft


Glass Fiber


Carbon Fiber

Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021

Star Vie is a renowned brand in the padel's world, and its Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021 racket is a testament to its continuous effort in marrying technology and creativity for a superior gaming experience. This is the type of racket you'd want to have in your hands whether you are a professional or an amateur. Trust me, I've had the pleasure of trying it out, and it doesn't disappoint. Let's delve into the specifics of this remarkable paddle racket.


Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021 manifests a smart combination of structure, comfort, power, and control. Here are few aspects that set this model apart:

Shape and Balance

Its round shape brings about a balanced playing experience. This shape factors significantly into the racket's overall performance, providing a superior level of control and decent power for various shots. The shape also contributes to the racket's stability during swings, making precision hits much more achievable.


Much like its shape, the racket’s grip is just as impressive. The comfortable grip size perfectly fits in your hand, granting you total control over your swings and shots. This means you can play those lengthy, intense matches without worrying about the racket slipping out of your hand.

Power, Control, and Feel

The beauty of Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021 lies in its unique blend of power and control. It offers a medium-soft feel, thanks to the EVA Soft core, that provides an incredible level of rebound. This makes the racket excel in both defensive and attacking plays. This is where you see the manifestation of the racket’s perfect balance of medium-soft feel and control—it brings about powerful hits that will keep your opponents on their toes.

Comfort and Speed

I found the Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021 to be very comfortable to use, even during extended periods of play. The racket is quick to respond, thus providing a seamless blend of speed and precision in each maneuver.

Material and Durability

Just as impressive, is the build of the Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021. The faces of the racket are made of Glass Fibre, while the Carbon Fibre frame offers a superior level of resistance to the daily wear and tear that a racket often undergoes. The resilience of these materials makes sure the racket lasts, even after numerous high-intensity games.


In summary, the Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021 is a fine choice for any padel player aiming for great results. The blend of power, control, comfort, and durability that this racket brings to the table sets players up for success on the padel court.

However, just as with any other equipment, it's vital to make sure its characteristics match your play-style. The smooth grip and reliable medium-soft feel may not be optimal for everyone, but if they align with your playing style, the Star Vie Titania Kepler 2021 could be the perfect match.

Remember, choosing the right racket can make all the difference on the court. Therefore, take your time to decide before splashing out on one. Whoever you are, whatever your skill level, this wonderful world of padel welcomes you!

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