Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris

Explore the 2022 Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris: a medium-soft feel and round shape padel racket designed with fiberglass frame. Ideal for advanced players.

By Jorge Masta

Padelful Rating

Sweet spot8.9




370 gr




EVA Core





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Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris

Introducing the fine-tuned Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris, engineered specifically to excel in the realm of control-oriented gameplay. Its rounded shape and medium-soft feel make it a reliable partner, offering precision and comfort on the court.


Shape and Balance

The round shape of the Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris plays a significant role in its overall performance. The balanced weight distribution enhances stability during swings, increasing precision for better shot placement.

Grip and Feel

Equipped with medium-soft feel, the grip experience it offers is commendable. It snugly fits in the hand, providing a comfortable hold during long games. Its improved feel and playability make it a strong contender amidst other rackets on the market.

Power and Control

While the Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris may not be regarded as an absolute powerhouse, it handles control-oriented plays incredibly well. The racket makes up for power with precision, providing a robust balance which allows players to dominate with tactful strategy and calculated positioning.

Comfort and Agility

In the realm of comfort and agility, the Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris outshines many of its competitors. The well-balanced design along with its ergonomic grip ensures an enjoyable experience during prolonged games. Coupled with a swift response time, players can enjoy a perfect blend of speed and precision.

Material and Durability

With its showcase of high-quality materials, the Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris is not only durable but also advantageous in gameplay. The frame and faces of the racket are constructed with fibre glass which ensures longevity while the EVA core enhances the feel and response of the racket.


To sum it up, the Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris shines through as a commendable companion for padel enthusiasts looking to emphasise on control and precision. Its balance, comfortable grip, and control capabilities make it a reliable choice.

It is however essential to account for personal preferences and gameplay style while considering this racket. While the Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris may not be the most formidable racket in terms of raw power, for players who value strategic and precise play, this racket is an excellent pick. Happy playing on the courts with the Wilson Pro Staff Team V2 Gris!

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